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www.publixsurvey.com is an initiative for receiving feedback and opinion about the customer service of Publix. It allows the participants to have a chance to win $1000 as gift cards. So, if you leave the feedback by taking the Publix survey, you will be eligible for winning $1000 as the Publix gift cards.

In case you have visited the Publix store recently, leave feedback on publixsurvey.com and increase your chance of winning the gift cards.

So, considering the above, this article has been prepared to provide a guide for taking the Publix survey, the rules and conditions associated with it, and also the other details about the Publix customer survey. Fill out the survey and then rate this retailer for improvement.

About www.publixsurvey.com

Generating revenue over $38 billion, Publix has been taking steps to ensure quality services for the customers for around 90 years. This company has been engaging to meet up with the household requirements of many people using the extensive supermarket range. Furthermore, it is also dabbling in real estate, money, and catering services. The major revenue they receive is from the supermarkets and the grocery store.

With the pandemic taking over worldwide, the Public recently shifted its services in the online mode. So, one can even get the groceries and the household products right at their doorstep within a few clicks. One can even get catering and real estate services through online mode. 

In case you have any bad experience at the supermarket or the services provided fail to meet up the expectations, etc. or if you had a great experience during your visit to the outlet, make sure that you reach your feedback to the proprietors. So, do not wait and reach out to the respective departments for applauding them or raising a complaint. For it, the outlet has a specified website, i.e., www.publixsurvey.com, for leaving feedback whenever the customer wants.

The feedback portal will require the answer to some easy-to-understand questionnaires as a part of the Publix survey. There are multiple-choice answers available for one to make the pick. The survey will focus on the customer’s needs too, considering the store cleanliness, the services offered, etc., and all the concerns related to the company. It will all be addressed then.

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Publixsurvey.com Rules and Requirements

There are certain rules which the participants will be required to follow. Those are,

  • There doesn’t exist any necessity for making the purchase and winning the prize.
  • The concerned participant must be a legal citizen from South or North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida or Alabama.
  • The participant must be 18 or above for entering the survey or being a part of the sweepstakes.
  • Cash alternative is not available for the participants, i.e., if you win a gift card of $1000 sweepstake, you by no means can sell the same in cash, and neither can you transfer it to anyone else. The given card is just valid for personal use at the supermarket only.
  • With one survey code, only one entry can be made.
  • The employee or their affiliates are not allowed to take the publixsurvey. It is done to ensure that the survey doesn’t remain biased.

Furthermore, there are certain things that the Publix Survey requires the participants to follow. They are,

  • To have the recent receipt received from the Publix store.
  • The participants will need a computer or a smartphone or a laptop, or a tablet with internet access.
  • A valid email address is also a part of the requirement.
  • One must have a basic understanding of Spanish and English.

Rewards at www.publixsurvey.com

One can visit www.publixsurvey.com/survey and get a chance to win a gift card worth $1000 by simple completion of the customer satisfaction survey of Publix at the website. The store is interested in knowing the likings and concerns of the customers. They do this to bring in improvement within the customer experience as this is what helps to retain the customers and also to acquire some new ones. 

Customers who complete the survey will also be getting the chance to enter the free sweepstake entry wherein they would have the chance of winning the Publix gift card worth $1000.

It is all done by the brand for promoting themselves. All you need to do is complete the survey, select the sponsor offers, enter Publix sweepstakes, and that’s it. With the completion of the survey, one gets a chance to win $1000 and, at times, a gift card worth up to $5000. This gift coupon can then be used at the outlet for the purchase of the products.

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Survey Process at www.publixsurvey.com

In order to take the Publix survey, all one needs to do is follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Visit the official portal of publixsurvey, i.e., www.publixsurvey.com.
  • Make sure to read all the instructions on-site and then click on the button to start the survey.
  • Next, enter store number, timestamp, survey code, etc., as asked from the sales receipt you received on the latest visit to the Publix store.
  • Then click on the option Next for giving the feedback.
  • After this, start to answer the questions which are related to your last experience of yours at the store. Make sure to follow all the instructions provided.
  • Next, rate the overall satisfaction you received with the customer service and also the products at Publix.
  • Then continue to answer all the questions and make sure that the survey remains answered honestly about it all.
  • Fill up the required fields asking the personal details, including contact number, name, email id, address, etc.
  • Enter all of the details and then submit the opinion for joining the survey sweepstakes.
  • Once all of it is done, you will receive a message that informs you of being entered into the contest.

What is Publix?

It is a very famous United States-based employee-owned business. Anyone who works at the Publix store, they will be allowed to take a stake within the company. However, the founder’s family cannot do so. 

The founder of the company is George W. Jenkins. He started the store in Winter Havel, FL, in 1930. In 26 years, the store reached the profit mark of $1 million. It is since that time that the number has continued to rise.

As of now, there are more than 1250 stores of Publix in many parts of Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and some other parts of the South East USA. The outlet also has plans for expanding beyond these regions, and they are constantly working on it. So, go ahead and give your survey on publixsurvey.com. Make sure to give your bit of effort to improve the services provided through this supermarket. In case you are lucky, you might get a chance to win a gift card of around $1000.

Publix Contacts

In case this guide is not able to provide you with some or the other information, you have an option to connect with the customer service and get all your doubts cleared. You can reach out to them from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., on the official phone number provided- 800-242-1227. In case you don’t have any concerns, keep sharing your reviews or feedback by entering the survey and providing the required input.

Final words

The Publix supermarket, also known as the Publix, it is one of the largest of the United States-based grocery retail chains. Therein the company is known to be one of the best companies for the employees to work at. In case you are willing to buy groceries, floral or bakery, etc., Publix stores are the ones to visit. 

You can take part in the survey conducted by the outlet too. It will assuredly give you a chance to win a great amount of money as a gift card by simple participation in the sweepstakes. So, instead of waiting, make sure to visit the official website today and enter the contest. You might even win the competition. But do not lose hope. Give in your effort and leave the rest.

Hopefully, this article was able to provide a proper guide to you. In case you still have any questions, connect with us. We are here to help.

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