Survey 2022: Taco Bell Survey

Spread the love survey is an initiative sweepstakes program by Taco Bell. It is a customer satisfaction survey that takes between 5 to 7 minutes and provides the participants with a chance to win $500. All one needs to do is share their genuine opinion.

The United States legal residents are welcome to take the Tellthebell survey after taking which one needs to provide their details as asked for getting a chance to be the lucky winner of sweepstakes prize amounting to $500.

The survey has become quite popular as it allows people to win the freebies and also a chance to enter the taco bell sweepstakes. The survey is available in other languages too, i.e., Espanol, and it is also available in certain regions like the United Kingdom and Canada. So, if you are willing to take this survey, this article has been prepared for you to provide complete information about the survey, including the rules and requirements, the steps to be followed, etc. Go ahead and give it a read before taking the survey.

What is the survey? survey is the customer feedback and satisfaction survey of taco bell that is directly accessible through the official portal, i.e., Using this portal, the customers can quickly provide their feedback and get the opportunity to win big bell rewards and the opportunity for entering the sweepstakes that can help earn the free cash rewards of around $500. The survey is also the opportunity for the restaurant for staying ahead in the competition and provide superior services that help a lot for bringing improvement within the services and products that are offered by Taco Bell.

The tell the survey values customer’s time that is taken for completing the survey. This survey is proof that Taco Bell has been showing dedication towards bringing improvement in services and customer satisfaction. This survey is entirely transparent, and all the customers need to do is provide honest feedback to the management of Taco Bell.

As a part of the survey rewards, one gets to enjoy some of the popular dishes offered by Taco Bell like nachos, tacos, burritos, etc., and a chance to win the $500 cash and to enter the sweepstakes. So, just go ahead and take the survey today.

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Tellthebell survey Rules

There are specific rules which one needs to follow while taking the tell the survey. They are,

  • In order to participate, a purchase at the restaurant is required, and one must have a valid receipt of the purchase as it contains the 16-digit coupon code, which is necessary for the survey.
  • Participants must be legal residents of the United States in order to take part in the survey.
  • Participants must be above the age of 18.
  • For the survey to be taken through the online mode, having a receipt is quite mandatory.
  • Affiliates, family members, relatives, subsidiaries, are all not allowed for being a part of the sweepstakes entry by Taco Bell.
  • 13 entry periods are there for the sweepstakes of taco bell, and the entries that are non-winning, cannot be carried forward to the next entry period.
  • If the coupon code isn’t available or is missing on the receipt, one can add time, date, the taco bell store number for entering the satisfaction feedback survey.
  • The prize for the survey cannot be transferred, exchanged, or replaced by the participants.

How to take the survey?

In order to enter the tellthebell survey, one can follow the steps mentioned below. It will provide the guide to enter the sweepstakes.

  • Visit the official portal of taco bell, i.e.,, for taking the customer feedback survey.
  • On the purchase receipt of taco bell, there is a 16-digited code that will be required to enter on the portal. Make sure to enter the same correctly.
  • Next, click on the options, start by clicking on the feedback button of tell the bell survey and then answer all the questions of the survey.
  • Make sure to rate the experience related to the taco bell visit. Make sure it is completely honest feedback while answering the survey questions.
  • Once the answers are entered, as a participant, you will be asked about whether you wish for participating in the sweepstakes for winning $500. Choose yes for winning a $500 reward.
  • Lastly, as asked, enter the phone number and the name. After this, the survey will be completed. 

After the survey is completed, the participants will be provided with the tell the bell coupon code. Make sure to save the code and use the same at any franchisee of taco bell. 

Tellthebell Survey Rewards

Taco Bell is one of the most famous restaurants for fast food that clearly pays a perfect homage to loyal customers. So, if you visited the restaurant recently, make sure to fill out the survey and be a part of the reward raffle and get the chance for entering big sweepstakes. For taking the survey, one can win,

  • $500 cash prize for the sweepstakes lucky winners. From 13 entry periods for the sweepstakes, every year 4 potential winners get chosen using random drawings. So, 4 winners are there for every entry period.
  • Freebies are also rewarded to the participants of the survey.

In simple words, participating in the survey is beneficial, and one can win many rewards. Furthermore, it will also help the restaurant for gathering information about customers and formulate policies that can be helpful for bringing in improvement within the products and services. It also helps the company to thrive in this competitive environment and grow as a brand. Survey Questions survey has been developed for understanding the likes and dislikes of the customers regarding the restaurant. The questions asked in the survey have been formulated in such a way that customer satisfaction can be prioritized. The questions asked are regarding the taste and temperature or the quality of the food, the tardiness, behavior of staff members at the restaurant, hygiene, accuracy of the order, etc.

Specific questions related to the survey are mentioned below,

  • Rate overall experience at Taco Bell
  • Rate satisfaction regarding the food received- it contains multiple-choice questions.
  • Was there any problem experienced by you during your last visit?
  • Would you prefer to enter the sweepstakes?
  • Is there anything that was missing at Taco Bell? – herein, a comment box is provided to the customers for wiring anything which can help in the improvement of the service, etc.

After the survey questions are answered, on the screen, there comes the confirmation option. So, if you have completed the survey and provided your valuable feedback, click on the same and end the survey. survey details

There are certain details which one should remain aware about the survey which they take through the taco bell official portal. Certain important pointers are,

  • The survey can be taken through the portal-
  • To make a purchase for participating in the survey isn’t necessary.
  • One can participate in the survey either through the online mode or the mail-in-entry.
  • The minimum age requirement for taking the survey is 18 years and above.
  • One can enter the sweepstakes as the survey prize, which can get you a cash prize of up to $500.
  • There is a survey entry limit. Only one entry can be made by one person during an entry period.

About Taco Bell

Taco Bell is an American chain of fast-food restaurants that originated in Irvine, California, in the year 1962. The restaurant is well-known for serving Mexican food, including nachos, burritos, tacos, quesadillas, specialty items, etc., together with the value menu variety items. More than a billion customers are served by this restaurant chain around the world through licensees and franchisees. 

The chain operates worldwide, and therefore it is essential to keep track of the experiences of the customers. It helps in increasing customer satisfaction and to improve the brand image. This is why Taco Bell has been conducting the survey, which is important as it helps to understand the needs and requirements of the customers. The survey collects the honest feedback of the customers, and with the analysis of this survey, a lot of changes are brought in within the management and the functioning of the restaurant. 

The survey is entirely transparent and helps management for standing strong amidst the competitors by helping to provide better quality services and products offered through the restaurant. It is because of the continuous up-gradation of the services and the products based on the reviews collected that the customers repeatedly visit the restaurant and enjoy the meals. So, the tellthebell survey is quite important and helps ensure that the customers are dealt with with complete diligence. One must also not forget the fact that the survey allows them to win the freebies. All you need to do is take out some time from the busy schedule and take the survey.

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Final Words

There are varied coupons and deals offered by Taco Bell to the customers. One can save a lot of money by taking hold of the opportunity. Furthermore, the brand is also dedicated to serving the right, and this is why the short survey helps to enter and get the chance for winning $500 as the cash prize. One winner gets announced every month. 

Hopefully, this article was able to provide you with complete information about how to take the survey for the Taco Bell restaurant experience. In case you still have any doubts, reach out to us or to the customer service of Taco Bell and get the concerns cleared on time. If not, make sure to take the survey and help bring in the change.

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