Tellhappystar- Take Survey at 2021 is a survey conducted by an American fast-food franchise named Hardee’s Food system Inc. and Carl’s Jr., another fast-food chain that is also a part of the survey. The purpose of the survey is to acquire valuable reviews about the services provided at Hardee’s directly from the consumers. 

This methodology of developing customer opinion through incentivized surveys has become quite a popular means adopted by numerous large companies to improve their services. 

The survey is available on the website and requires proof of purchase to access a receipt from a Hardee’s that is not more than seven days old. To ensure that the survey is worth the customer’s time, Hardee’s has added various rewards for completing the survey. 

Not only do the people who complete the tellhappystar customer survey stand a chance to win a 1000$ gift card, but they also get a free meal option at any of their outlets. Even though the offer is valid only for the outlets participating in this survey, customers don’t have to worry about going through too much hassle to complete the survey. The company is based in California and has massive popularity throughout southern and western America. 

Their customer survey has been an enormous success, bringing invaluable customer reviews to the company. In exchange for gifts and discounts, the customers can participate in the survey for free, and it is only required for them to enter the order code on a recent receipt to enter the survey. 

Judging the level of customer satisfaction and quality of their service is essential for a company. Hence these goals are achieved through the tellhappystar survey. 

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Hardee’s has been improving their customer service and quality of products through the tellhappystar survey, which has provided highly essential insight regarding their services on their multiple franchisees through the United States. 

Providing discounts and free meals in exchange for a customer survey might not look very profitable at first, but it pales compared to the importance of the reviews acquired through the survey. Getting first-hand reviews directly from recent consumers is much more helpful to the company than just rectifying complaints.

Hardee’s is a trustworthy brand and cares for its customers. Therefore, it strives to develop a loyal customer base, so they try their utmost best to provide services that meet the expectations of the customers who visit their stores. 

To participate in the survey and complete it does not take more than 10 mins and is beneficial to both the parties involved. All you need is a recent purchase receipt with an order code to enter into the survey, along with a basic understanding of either English or French so that you can answer the survey. If you have met both the above criteria, then you need to head over to and complete the survey about Hardee’s product quality and customer service. 

Once that is completed, you have a chance to win a free meal and a 1000$ gift card, which is a fantastic reward compared to just 5-10 mins of a survey.

Tellhappystar Survey Links

Official Website
Survey Link Link
Reward Hardees Validation Code to get free small hash rounds and small drink
Age Limit 18+ Customer Survey Rules

There are a few rules that one has to abide by to complete the Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr Customer Satisfaction Survey, which are mentioned below :

  • The tellhappystar survey is conducted only on selected few stores and restaurants of Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr and thus can only be participated after purchase from those specific places. 
  • Customers participating in the tellhappystar survey must be at least 18 years of age and older. Anyone under 18 is prohibited from participating in this survey.
  • One has to be a resident of the United States to participate in the survey, and non-residentials are barred from participating. 
  • Surveys can only be taken once per receipt, and therefore, a single order code cannot be used more than once. 
  • A valid receipt and invitation code are required to be able to take part in the survey. 
  • You can receive your choice of free fries, a small drink, or a hash when shopping in their store or restaurant again.
  • The receipt’s validity ends after 30 days of purchase, and the survey offer must be availed within that time limit.
  • An active internet connection is required to take the survey, and a basic understanding of English and French is needed to understand the given survey. 
  • Receipts without an invitation code are prohibited from taking part in the survey. 
  • Even employees and their family members of Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr cannot participate in this. 

Steps to take the survey at

Here are the basic steps you need to follow to complete the survey :

  • Initially, you need to purchase a product at one of the participating Hardee’s and keep the receipt. 
  • Visit the survey website to take the survey.
  • If the language is required to change, then click the appropriate link provided there. The page would display the language of your choice to help you with a better survey experience. 
  • Enter the agency number from your purchase receipt in the required box.
  • Please select the date and time of your visit to their store and your correct age. The information you enter is kept confidential and is not shared. So do not worry about information leaks. 
  • Then press start to start taking the survey. The surveys are strict regarding their product and customer services provided.
  • Then fill up the appropriate questions asked regarding customer satisfaction and services. 
  • Then you would be redirected to the rewards page and enter a review before ending the survey.
  • You’d get a code at the end of the survey, which you can use on your next purchase to reap the rewards of the survey. 

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Survey Rewards

The survey has many amazing rewards to compensate the customers for their time, money, and valuable review. The survey is made to acquire important information about product quality and customer service; therefore, giving rewards of equal value is essential so that the customers feel appreciated for their time and effort. 

Those who completed the survey get a code to avail themselves of various discounts on their next visit to any of Hardee’s stores. They also stand a chance of winning a 1000$ gift card or voucher through this survey. The rewards acquired through this survey do not have any time limit and can be used on any purchase of your choice. 

The rewards are deemed worthy of their customers’ review and time, which helps Hardee’s improve their service so that more people can enjoy their experience at Hardee’s.  

What are Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr?

Hardee’s Restaurant and Carl’s Jr Restaurant, both LLCs, are owned by the same parent company CKE Restaurant Holdings and is a substantial American fast food restaurant chain based in the United States and is available through various states and countries worldwide. 

These two huge brands are trendy across numerous countries and are trustworthy brands striving to improve their customer service to the best of their abilities. Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr jointly conducted the Tellhappystar survey to enhance their customer service further. 

Carl’s Jr was founded in 1941, and since then, it has grown exponentially with over 1000 restaurants and stores in 28 countries worldwide and is still improving steadily. 

Carl’s Jr values their customers’ satisfaction over everything else and wants their customers to get the best experience in their stores and franchises. 

Hardee’s is also a similar fast-food chain founded in 1960 and has seen even more significant growth leading them to become one of the major fast-food franchises in the United States with stores and restaurants in over 1400 locations throughout the country and is available in over 14 other countries making them a widely popular brand with a vast customer base. Like Carl’s Jr, Hardee’s is also focused on improving their customer service, therefore, being a participant in the Tellhappystar survey to improve their services further. 

These brands are trusted worldwide, and therefore you do not have to worry about any information leak through their survey since they are only focused on improving their performance and product quality. 

Reviews about Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr

Hardee’s has been rated as one of the top fast-food chains in the United States and around the globe. It has got a vast array of positive reviews from not only its customers but also from professional reviewers and critics as well.

Hardee’s has provided excellent customer service and quality food for decades and developed a huge fan base and loyal customers who are more than happy to make Hardee’s their favorite fast-food franchise. Hardee’s is on track to becoming a fast-food giant, on par with brands like KFC and Dominos through sheer performance and quality to overthrow their competitors. 

Hardee’s are rated excellent by above ninety percent of its customers, but regardless of their performance, Hardee’s are still improving every aspect of their service. 

Carl’s Jr is another excellent fast-food chain and a sister company of Hardee’s who have been providing excellent quality food to millions of customers and are also rated to be one of the best fast-food franchises in the market. 

With its worldwide popularity and thousands of stores and restaurants throughout the United States, Carl’s Jr has also secured a spot as one of the big fast-food giants in the States. 

Their products are costlier than their competition, but they make up for it with quality and customer service. Their stores are well equipped, and their restaurants have a great ambiance for you to have a gala time. 

Carl’s Jr has their flagship burger, which is deemed one of the best available in the market, which made people fall in love with the brand. They have a loyal customer base, and to retain that, Carl’s Jr is trying its best to live up to its customers’ expectations through excellent service.

Final Words

The above article covers all the aspects and information about Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr and survey conducted by them. The rewards available through the survey and an in-depth guide to taking the survey are also provided in the article to solve all your queries and make it much easier to take the survey without any complications. With the provided information, you can complete the survey and claim the rewards where you might receive a discount, a free meal, and a 1000$ gift card or voucher. 

This will not only benefit you but also help the company to improve their services and in future let you and everyone else have a better experience at Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. So do not hesitate and complete the survey to claim your free reward and provide valuable information through an honest survey which the company will use to make your next visit even better.

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