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We all are aware of Papa Murphy’s company, and it has been trying to improve its services towards its customers. And, to do so, it has devised the papa murphy’s survey. It involves an online questionnaire that asks for feedback from the customers. All the data that the company would be receiving from these questionnaires will be used to analyze the areas that require improvement. 

They would also know which aspects of their services receive maximum appreciation from their customers. So, they can use this feedback to enhance and improve their services based on their demands and requirements. The customers do have the option of choosing whether or not to participate in this survey. 

But, for all those who participate, receive exciting coupons from the company and, most importantly, help the company become better and improve to serve its customers in the best possible way!

What is is the official website for Papa Murphy’s company that provides you with its online survey. You can readily visit the website with the help of this link and participate in the study conducted by the company. 

Through this link and on the website, you will be finding the questionnaire that will be presenting a few questions regarding the company’s services towards its customers. And, you can present your reviews and feedback through it to the company.

As a result, you will be offering your valuable comments about the company through that online questionnaire which will be helping Papa Murphy to gain precious knowledge about how successful they are in serving their customers. 

Papa Murphy will utilize the data collected from the survey to analyze the present situation of popularity and demand of their services among the people. They would strategize to refine their items’ taste, presentation, and other aspects in the way their customers want. 

Therefore, through this link, you land up in the company’s survey. And if you take this survey, you offer your feedback to the company about its food and services. And, you eventually help the company perform better in the future. 

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Official Website
Survey Link Link
Reward $3 OFF on Any Pizza, Any Size Rules for Survey

If you are willing to participate in the survey at, then there are a few rules and obligations that you need to follow. And, for following the rules, you need to be aware of them first. Therefore, we have the following list laid down for you to know the prevailing rules for taking part in the survey conducted by Papa Murphy’s company. 

  • You will require the receipt obtained from the official pizza store of Papa Murphy’s, and the receipt has to be an authentic and legitimate one.
  • The survey has to be taken within a week of purchasing at Papa Murphy’s pizza store’s official store.
  • The reward is a coupon only, and it can not be redeemed by any other means.
  • You are allowed to use the coupon reward within 30 days of taking the survey.
  • The reward can be availed for only a single time. 

Steps to Participate in Papasurvey

The following are the steps that will help you participate in the survey conducted by Papa Murphy’s company.

  • You will have to visit the site through 
  • Go through the small paragraphs and click on the “Next” option.
  • Find the store number from the receipt you have received from your purchase at an official pizza store of Papa Murphy’s. if you are unable to find the store code, then find the zip code
  • Put the code you can get and click on the “search” option.
  • The required results will appear. You will have to provide the date you visited and click on “search.”
  • If you could find the store number successfully, then put that in the first box and put the date of visit on the second one.
  • You will be provided with numerous questions. Give your honest feedback and reviews.
  • You will be given a discount coupon after you finish answering all the questions of the survey. Simply take a printout of the coupon if you wish to not misplace it. 

What is Papa Murphy?

Papa Murphy’s is one of the most popular take-and-bake pizza companies. It has its base in Vancouver, Washington, with its initiation year of 1995. It started as two make and bake pizza companies merged. 

The two companies were Murphy’s Pizza and Papa Aldo’s Pizza. And now, the company, along with its franchises, are functioning with above 1300 outlets. And these outlets are serving numerous happy pizza-lovers in the United States and Canada. 

A large variety of pizzas have left all its customers relishing and cherishing every time they visit their stores. And, it has been striving to make itself better for the customers. And thus, it has devised a survey that welcomes honest feedback from its customers. Through this feedback, it aims to fulfill the major demands of its customers, fill the loopholes and serve even better than before.

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Papa Murphy Customer Reviews

Customers have always been satisfied with the products from Papa Murphy’s Pizza Store. They say-

  1. Papa Murphy’s pizza is a great value for money. They taste great, along with being highly affordable.
  2. Papa Murphy’s is enjoyed by both their family and friends and is always recommendable to whoever wants to taste great pizza. 
  3. Papa Murphy’s pizza gives you much more for the money you pay. So, along with great taste, you get to relish a great quantity as well. 
  4. Their online delivery is precise and punctual. They have a great food quality, and the taste is absolutely delicious. It has always been the favorite destination to order the best and most delicious pizzas.

Final Words

Papa Murphy’s has been a popular destination for pizza and is striving to improve its services towards you. Therefore, it has conducted the survey and expects its customers to respond to it. Thus, it would be helpful for the company if all its customers offered their valuable feedback about the company. They would be able to understand the exact areas where they can improve for better services. Also, it can ideally benefit you with the coupons you would receive on completing the survey.

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