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When you visit a SpartanNash store, the store surveys to get customer feedback and improve their customer service, for which they require their customers’ feedback. It is accomplished through this Survey which they organize, and the people who participate in this Survey are also added into a sweepstakes lottery which gives them a chance to win a 100$ Gift card, thus incentivizing their customers to participate in the Survey actively. This Survey is conducted throughout all the stores owned by SpartanNash and requires a receipt to prove the validity of the customer. More details about Mygroceryfeedback are mentioned below.

What is Mygroceryfeedback?

Mygroceryfeedback is a survey conducted by SpartanNash throughout all of their stores and is a viable method to improve their product quality and customer services. To take part in the Survey, one needs to visit a SpartanNash store and make a purchase, then use that receipt to participate in the Mygroceryfeedback Survey through the online portal. As a method to compensate the customers who spend their valuable time to give the Survey, anyone who gives the Survey is entered into a sweepstake conducted by SpartanNash with a chance to win one of three 100$ gift cards. Through this method, SpartanNash benefits the customers, who stand a chance to win a gift card that they can redeem the next time they go to the store. 

This has been used to collect valuable customer opinions for a long time and has been a beneficial method of connecting with the customers of SpartanNash. The sweepstake itself is a no-purchase one and can be taken part in by anyone via mail to SpartanNash’s PO Box to get a free entry, but those using the survey code from any SpartanNash’s receipt get automatically entered into the sweepstake with a chance to win a gift card. To enter the Survey, one can visit and complete the Survey from there. 

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mygroceryfeedback Rules for the Survey

The Survey conducted by SpartanNash has quite a few rules, which the customer must abide by and should be knowledgeable about before entering the Survey. If the following criteria are met, that would mean that you are eligible to take part in the Survey and enter the sweepstake as well. 

  • The participant must be a resident of the United States or Washington DC to participate in the Survey at The Survey is not available for anyone living outside of the United States or any non-residential person. 
  • Participants must be at least the age of 18 or older to take part in the Survey. Anyone under 18 is prohibited from taking part in the Survey. 
  • A receipt is required to participate in the SpartanNash survey since it has a survey code and must take part within seven days from receiving the receipt. 
  • Must understand Spanish or English and answer a few questions regarding the store to complete the feedback Survey. 

Necessary things to have for Survey

To take part in the Survey at, you need to have a few essential things. The following are a must before you take part in the Survey. 

  • A shopping receipt is a must at one of the SpartanNash stores, where you made a purchase. You must use the survey code on the receipt to participate in the Survey within seven days of receiving it. 
  • You are also required to understand either English or Spanish since these are the only two languages in which you can take the Survey.

Process for Mygroceryfeedback Survey 

To get an idea about the procedure to get into the Survey at, here is the list of processes you have to go through to complete the Survey correctly and accurately. Following the steps mentioned below will help you make sure that you finished the Survey in an intended way and avoid any complications. 

  • Firstly, you have to go to the official survey portal of SpartanNash at and then select your preferred language among English or Spanish. 
  • Then you can start the Survey by entering your survey code provided at the purchase receipt of any SpartanNash store. 
  • Complete the Survey given by SpartanNash about your experience at their store. These questions cater mostly to their product quality, store cleanliness, and overall satisfaction with using their services. 
  • Enter personal details such as name, address, and a few contact information to get in touch with you regarding the sweepstakes. These are strictly confidential and would not be shared publicly.
  • Then the Survey is completed, and you will also be enrolled in the SpartanNash sweepstake and might be contacted later if you win. 

This is all that is needed from you to complete their survey and be entered for their sweepstake, and it would not take you more than ten minutes to complete. 

My Grocery/SpartanNash – General Information 

SpartanNash is one of the biggest food retail companies in the United States focused on providing fresh and premium quality products. It is also one of the fortune 400 companies and has been one of the largest American food distributors and grocery store retailers. With its headquarters situated in Michigan, SpartanNash supplies to about 44 states throughout the United States and is also popular for food distribution to military commissaries. It is a popular brand and intends to provide the best services to its customers. 

The My Grocery Feedback is also a survey conducted by SpartanNash, which is used to help connect with its customers and aims to improve their services through the customers’ reviews. The Survey is also a part of the sweepstake conducted by SpartanNash, where one can participate without any purchase and stand a chance to win a gift card. These are all highly regulated and a way to compensate the customers for their time and money. SpartanNash is thus well received by its customers due to its innovative and active reach-out methods.

Customer Review about SpartanNash 

SpartanNash is one of the renowned and recognized brands in the United States due to its high popularity. There are various reviews about SpartanNash about various aspects of the company, but fortunately, the majority of the people view SpartanNash in a positive light. The customers will receive the company due to its great customer service and very professional employees who try their best to meet the customer’s expectations. Numerous reviews are showcasing the company’s efficiency and reasonably priced products along with great customer service too. SpartanNash actively tries to reach out to its customers for their opinions through various surveys like

Final Words

SpartanNash is a great and renowned company with a trusted background, trying its hardest to provide the best possible service to its customers. To accomplish that, they conduct surveys intended to help solve and improve the quality of its products and services. The Survey itself is very easy to complete, and the participants are also entered into a sweepstake conducted by SpartanNash, thus making it a win-win situation for both the company and the customers. 

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