Kohls Feedback Survey at kohlsfeedback.com

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Kohlsfeedback.com is the online survey registering site that has been designed by Kohl. It allows the customers to have an opportunity for leaving feedback based upon their shopping experiences. The information collected is then used for making an improvement within the rules and policies of the company for helping to meet up with their customer’s requirements. The survey can be easily taken online and as per one’s availability, i.e., do it when you have the available time. 

Considering all of the above, this article has been prepared to provide complete information about the Kohls survey, including the steps to be followed, the rewards one can get, why is the survey conducted by Kohls, the survey requirements and rules, etc. So, if you are one who is willing to take this survey and be a part of bringing change, this article is for you. Give a read ahead to know further.

Why Kohlsfeedback com Survey is Conducted?

kohlsfeedback com

Kohlsfeedback com is a means for the customers to have a chance to share their thoughts in the form of feedback to the company. The feedback is shared about the shopping experience they had on kohlsfeedback.com for winning the 10 off code on Kohl’s survey.

Once the feedback is received, the same is used for improving the customer service as well as the overall quality of their products and store. In the survey, the customers are provided with 10 questions. It won’t even take more than 5 minutes to complete. So, do not hesitate to do so. 

Furthermore, by being a part of the survey, you also get an opportunity for signing up for the sales event emails. Once done, the customers receive the printable coupon, $5 off, upon their next purchase in the store. In case you choose not for signing up for the sales emails, you will still be receiving the printable coupon on to the email, which will provide 10% off on the next purchase online.

Apart from this, you as a participant also have a chance of earning rewards up to $2500. All you need to do is share honest feedback upon what you loved and what you didn’t while you shopped at Kohl.

Did you shop at Kohl recently? What do you think about your last visit to it? Some of the simplest questions like this get asked to the survey-taker. So, try and share your thoughts on kohlsfeedback.com.

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kohlsfeedback com Official Site Links

Official Website kohls.com
Survey Link Link
Reward Cupons
Age Limit 18+

kohlsfeedback com Survey Rules and Requirements

kohlsfeedback com survey is available as well as completely accessible to all of the clients shopping at the retailer store. The survey helps improve the experience of the customers and allows the organization to enhancement of the services and the administration too.

However, for starting the survey, the users are required to remain aware of some of the basic rules and the requirements which are a part of the kohl’s store. So, before you go ahead, know it all about the online survey.

Some of the rules and requirements for being a part of the Kohls survey are,

  • Legal US citizens above 18 years old are only qualified.
  • Purchase is not necessary.
  • Sweepstakes can be entered every week.
  • There is 1 prize draw entry limit for every family every month. The limit for 1 price for every household/entrant is for 90 days.
  • Per purchase, the receipt has one survey entry limit.
  • Any incomplete entries will get removed from the contest.
  • Prizes are non-transferable, or they cannot be exchanged in cash.
  • Charges and taxes, it’s the sole responsibility of the one who wins.
  • Staff members cannot be the winners.

Talking about the requirements, some of them associated with the Kohls survey are,

  • It should be the recent receipt of shopping from Kohls. The receipt contains the Kohls survey feedback access code. In order to get it, one will be required to visit the departmental store. Therein you will also be required to make the purchase, after which the purchase receipt is received, and therein provided is the feedback access code which is required for taking part in the survey.
  • Participants are required to have any of the devices, including a computer, smartphone, or tablet with a secure internet connection.
  • For kohlsfeedback com survey, basic knowledge of Spanish and English is highly appreciated.  The reason is that the questions therein the survey are conducted in only these languages. So, one will be required to select either of the following on the survey website.

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How to take the survey at Kohlsfeedback.com?

Just follow the below-mentioned steps to take the kohls survey at the website.

  • Visit the official website of kohls survey sweepstakes, i.e., www.kohlsfeedback.com.
  • Then enter the store number along with the access code that is provided on to the recent receipt of purchase.
Kohls survey access code
Kohls survey access code
  • Next, click on the option Begin Survey for entering it.
kohlsfeedback com
  • On the next page, start to answer the online questions sincerely.
  • Ensure to rate and review the experience you had at Kohl’s visit.
  • Rate the products, environment, staff, cleanliness, customer service, etc.
  • Make sure to answer every single question which is part of the survey, honestly.
  • Next, provide the contact details, including the email id, contact number, etc. 
  • After all of the questions are completed, then click on the option next for completing the survey.
  • That’s it, now you have the opportunity of being the winner and having a chance to win the 10% discount coupon as a part of the rewards. The coupon can be used for the next future purchase at kohl. 

Kohlsfeedback Survey Reward

Before you go ahead, note that the receipt you receive will remain valid only for 2 days, and for every survey, the limit is 1 person per receipt. Furthermore, there hasn’t been any offer limit specified. So, if you are participating, make sure to remember this and make your entry on time. It will help you to get the rewards you deserve.

The survey rewards offered by kohlsfeedback com are,

  • Shopping coupons
  • $1000 reward
  • Free 500 gift card
  • Kohl’s survey 10 off code and
  • 10% discount coupon.

Just take a break from the busy schedule of yours and spend time at the kohls survey. The brand will provide you with the reward for the time dedicated to helping them improve their service for you and the other participants.

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Kohlsfeedback com Survey Details

Some of the important details about the survey have been discussed below,

  • The name of this survey is Kohl’s customer experience survey.
  • One can take the survey by clicking on the URL- https://www.kohlsfeedback.com/.
  • The survey prize as provided to the participants is- Kohl’s survey 10 off code.
  • Anyone who qualifies can take the survey through the online mode.
  • The receipt for taking the survey remains valid for around 2 days.
  • The survey limit per receipt is 1 per person per family for 90 days.

About Kohl’s

Kohl is one of the American favorites for the one-stop-shop wherein one can easily get all of it which they are looking forward to living the lifestyle they love together with the people they love. From offering the clothing styles for the entire family to some of the popular toys, branded items, and even the trendy home décor, all of it can be easily found on this one-stop store.

The store allows one to shop anything needed for living life simple and easy without having to visit or run around the town at multiple sites. Kohl has housed several celebrity brands, too, which one will find hard to get all over. Some of the names offered herein are Laura Conrad, Jennifer Lopez, etc., wherein every cut is provided according to the unique body type that exists in the mind.

Why Kohlsfeedback.com survey?

The survey conducted is all about the shopping experience which one gains as a customer of the Kohls store. So, make sure to take just a few minutes from the busy schedule and ensure to share honest thoughts with the store. You also get a chance to win up to $1000 as the prize therein for answering some of the general questions asked.

This survey to be answered by the customers is quite important. The reason behind it is that it aims to,

  • Know the overall satisfaction of the customers.
  • How likely the customers are about to tell others about the store.
  • Different areas’ satisfaction levels.
  • Associate friendliness.
  • Overall price value of the products purchased.
  • The number of visits made by the customers to the store.
  • Staff behavior.
  • Price and tidiness of the store.
  • Customer demands.
  • Requirement of any innovation within the store.
  • Any suggestions which the customers need to provide in order to make improvement within the store.

Kohls Survey- Question Examples

For completing the kohlsfeedback com survey, the company is totally appreciative of the answers provided truthfully. All of it will be helping to shape the company in the future direction by simply filling up some short questions. So, make sure you are completely prepared for answering the few questions like, 

  • Will you visit the given location again?
  • Was the person serving you helpful and polite?
  • Did the experience you receive help?
  • Are there any suggestions you would like to provide for making improvements?

Make sure to remain completely thoughtful with the feedback and keep it short and detailed. Note that the non-detailed answers are not taken into consideration.

kohlsfeedback com Survey- How does it all work?

  • For every 1 dollar spent, you get to earn 1 point each for it.
  • The points get added to the account. It takes 48 hours after the in-store purchase or after the order shipping date to get it credited to the account.
  • The point balance, which is not converted in the rewards cash, it gets expires within 1 year.

Furthermore, all the points become cash rewards which can be used by the customers.

  • For every 100 points that are earned, it can be converted to $5 cash rewards. It can be used by the customers on next month’s purchase.
  • The points get converted to the rewards cash every month. It cannot be saved.
  • The rewards cash expires after 30 days approx. after it is being used.

Customer Support

In case the content provided herein is unable to provide you with the required details, you can connect with the customer service. All your doubts will surely be cleared after this. 

  • Investor Relation Phone Number- 262 703 1440
  • Corporate Contact Number- 855 564 5705
  • Corporate Office Address- Corporate Headquarters, Kohl’s Department Stores, N56 W17000 Drive. Menomonee Falls, WI 53051.

You can also check out their youtube channel.

Final words

Hopefully, you were able to get all of your questions like how to take the survey or what it would be like upon getting to the end of it, etc., cleared by this simple guide provided above through this article. kohlsfeedback com survey is one of the easiest ways to provide feedback in regards to the shopping experience one had. So, do not wait for them to improve their service on their own. Understand your responsibility and give your feedback today to assure you receive more and better.

Just in case if you are having any insights, do share the same with us through the comments. 

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